Hi, I'm Steve the owner of Fifth Element Ice Baths.

I've been entering the cold embrace of the ice for quite some time. I've attended Wim Hof workshop weekends, cold dips and anything I can to get myself comfortable being uncomfortable. 

I've tried just about every type of cold plunge you can think of, but I could never get exactly what I wanted.

- The inflatable baths available punctured almost immediately and the quality was never up to task. No inlet/outlet for a chiller unit meant bags of ice were my only option. They never have an option for a lid so always filled up with leaves and debris.

- The steel trough type baths are sturdy but always felt uncomfortable. Transporting them was always an issue and once again no inlet/outlet for a chiller unit. Also no option for a lid.

- The chest freezer option always felt unsafe. The idea of filling something with water that was never designed to contain water whilst also having a live electrical circuit built into it just sounded like a recipe for disaster.

- The other amazing custom ice bath setups like the Odin are faultless, but the price tag is fairly out of reach for most Australians. Also I wanted something portable so I can get my ice bath in daily even whilst travelling.

So here we are. I think I have put together a package that ticks all my boxes and hopefully yours too.

- Inflatable, easily transported but ridiculously strong and comes standard with a clip-down lid. UV stable so they can be left in the sun for extended periods.

- Inlet/outlet port for addition of a chiller unit (game changer in my opinion).

- Chiller unit safety features such as overload protection, overtemp protection and leakage protection. Ozone disinfection and an external easy change/clean filter. Crystal clear, clean and cold water every time you dip.

- All for a package price tag under $5k